APR Oil Catch Can system

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APR Oil Catch Can for the EA888 1.8T/2.0T

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The APR Oil Catch Can System is designed to prevent excessive crankcase oil vapours from entering the intake system while the engine is under boost. In doing so, the system helps reduce oil pooling in the intercooler hoses, carbon build up on intake valves, and the decrease in octane caused by oil vapours.

Quick Facts:

-Drains in seconds No need for tools, removal/disassembly to drain the can.

-Four-stage baffling system Excellent oil droplet capturing properties.

-Compact, two-piece billet design Easy disassembly for recommended annual cleaning.

-Abrasion resistant Buna-N lines Resists oil degradation, kinks and abrasion with an OEM appearance.

-OEM Norma fittings Makes install and removal simple with an OEM appearance.

-Discrete hose routing Hoses are routed out of sight for an attractive install.

-EA888 MQB Compatible Fits all 1.8T/2.0T EA888 Gen 3 MQB vehicles equipped with APR’s Carbon Fibre Intake System.

-Catches Oil pools in the can, not in the intercooler piping.

-Reduces carbon build-up Fewer oil vapours entering the intake tract helps reduces carbon build-up on the back of intake valves.

- Increases performance Helps to reduce airflow restrictions and octane robbing oil vapours.

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