O.Z Racing Ultraleggera HLT 19X8.5 Matte Black

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Available in 19" and 20" in a variety of widths and offsets.

Ultraleggera HLT, the most well-known and successful 6 double-spoke wheel, has become an icon in the wheel industry, and has been joined by the Deep Concave version which allows for extreme fitments and great aggressiveness.
Depending on the desired wheel/car combination, 3 different concave versions are now available: Standard, Concave e Deep Concave.
The wheel’s typical racing design has been made even more aggressive by the new concave profiles, designed specifically for cars whose brake caliper size allows for extreme offsets.
All concave versions of Ultraleggera HLT, as well as the Central Lock version, are available in the all-new Matt Bronze finish that joins the range of Personal Colors.
Ultraleggera HLT is available in the Deep Concave version for 9.5 x 19” and 10 x 19” applications.

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