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The Alpha Fuel System Fuel Pressure Regulator and Fuel Line Kit is the missing link between the fuel pump system and the fuel rail kit on the engine. In order to get fuel from the gas tank to the engine, you’ve got to plumb a series of fuel lines in-between. Where the Alpha Fuel System Fuel Pressure Regulator and Fuel Line Kit differs from other fuel systems on the market is that it creates a returnless, deadhead routing to the port injection fuel rails. With this style system we are able to sustain great fuel pressure at the rails no matter the power level. Our AMS Snailworks® Engineering Team has also been able to incorporate an in-line 6 micron glass fuel filter to polish the fuel before it enters the engine.

  • Full Alpha Fuel System supports 2400+ HP of fuel delivery on gasoline and 1600+ HP on e85
  • All materials and components are fully ethanol and methanol compatible
  • Fuelab billet aluminum inline fuel filter housing with integrated check valve and 6 micron glass filter
  • Fast engine start up due to maintained fuel pressure after shutdown
  • Aeromotive extreme flow fuel pressure regulator and 100 PSI Marshall fuel pressure gauge
  • Multiple ports on FPR available for custom plumbed fuel system options
  • Regulator mounting bracket with rubber isolator bushings for quiet operation
  • Uses race-grade AN fittings and aluminum quick connect fittings for easy install and leak-free operation
  • Silver line sheath for improved heat management
  • Utilizes all race-grade, 2000+ PSI rated, PTFE lined hose for durability and fuel fume control

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