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The factory fuel pump system in the Audi R8 and Lamborghini Huracan utilizes a high-end brushless fuel pump, and a complex routing of fuel lines to produce an excellent fuel delivery solution. Unfortunately, the engineers designing the OEM system didn’t spec it to be capable of the 1000+ HP that we commonly see from our Alpha Twin Turbo Kit vehicle builds. Our AMS Snailworks® Engineering Team took this as an opportunity to not only increase the total throughput of the fuel pump system, but to do it in such a way that all of the OEM functionality is retained. Gone are the days of being required to keep your fuel tank filled to a minimum of a half tank, or being forced to use an external fuel surge tank mounted in the engine bay.

  • Full Alpha Fuel System supports 2400+ HP of fuel delivery on gasoline and 1600+ HP on e85
  • Twin brushless fuel pumps provide quiet operation and extreme flow capability
  • All materials and components are fully ethanol and methanol compatible
  • Fully integrates with stock ECU or standalone ECU software such as MoTeC M142 for a seamless solution
  • CNC machined red anodized aluminum fuel pump assembly bulkhead and fuel pump outlet manifold
  • Uses race-grade AN fittings and quick connect fittings for easy install and leak-free operation
  • Utilizes externally corrugated, smooth bore, PTFE lined hose for kink-free flexibility, excellent flow, and fuel fume control
  • Plug ‘n Play harnesses included for an easy install
  • CNC machined anodized aluminum brackets secure the fuel pumps within basket
  • Siphon system functionality retained to allow for OEM-like low fuel level usage and monitoring

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