APR ECU Upgrade R8 V10 GEN 2 / Huracan LP-610

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APR ECU Software/Remap for the Audi R8 Gen 2 and Lamborghini Huracan is here!

APR’s ECU Upgrades are the value modification one can make to the 5.2L FSI V10 engine. The upgrades dramatically increase horsepower and torque, making for an exceptionally quicker and more exciting vehicle. This is made possible through APR’s optimization of the factory engine management system to take full advantage of the engine’s capabilities, without needing any end user adjustment. The software loads to the factory ECU through the OBD-II port, resulting in a clean and headache-free install.

The APR Stage I ECU Upgrade is the first step towards making more power! This simple upgrade requires no engine hardware modifications, and produces 618-619 HP with 565-568 NM of torque. Gains as high as 24 HP and 22NM of torque are available throughout the power band, making the vehicle exceptionally quicker in all scenarios. To get more power, the vehicle can be outfitted with an upgraded intake, exhaust, or other minor bolt on modifications without requiring any new modification to the ECU.

Please note, transmission software is required to achieve power figures past the factory redline when not in manual mode.


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