Movit 396MM 6 Pot Brake kit

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Movit 396 x 36mm 6 pot forged big brake kit available in a selection of colours to suit.

An application-focused development is the cornerstone for a segment-specific high-performance brake system. The balance of weight, performance and longevity that is required in each case is optimally combined.

The uncompromising selection of materials in production creates a highly unique product that meets the diverse requirements of automotive extreme areas.

Centrepiece of all of our performance sport braking systems is the two-part disc brake caliper that is milled from two highly-hardened and high-strength pieces of aircraft aluminium 7075. Its long construction allows the use of maximal disc size and results in a considerably improved stiffness and extended contact surface of the lining.

The piston separation is vehicle-specific and progressive, so that an exact parallel contact pressure of the lining to the disc is guaranteed.

This results in evenly-distributed heat transmission, reduced system temperature and low, regular wear.

Additional components of our disc brake calipers are the crown system and the RAPAD-X system: The crown system allows fixation of the brake line. And, thanks to the RAPAD-X system, a rapid brake lining change can be carried out without having to remove the caliper from the mount.

Our performance sport brake discs go through an elaborate manufacturing process, where they are first individually cast and subsequently thermally tempered for many hours. During the following mechanic processing, every cast hole is re-drilled and countersunk. The DDE cooling system found in the inner part of the disc is a double directional evolvent ventilation system.

With its large surface, the system offers very high heat receptiveness and thermal conductivity. Thus, the brake discs remain significantly cooler than other brake discs of the same size.

  • Optimized stability due to saddle length.
  • Larger brake disk diameters and thickness, more cross-drilled holes (each pre-cast hole is re-drilled and lowered, which has a favourable flow effect.) Brake discs are thermally tempered.
  • Optimized DDE ventilation system (double directional evolvent system) of the brake disc has an 80% larger surface area compared to other brake discs, the temperature of the brake disc is considerably reduced and therefore also their wear.
  • Long service life of wear parts, outstanding response, steel-flex cables also ensures a consistent performance.
  • Individual colour design of the saddle evaluates the design of the vehicle.
  • Optimally matched brake pads ensure fading safety, longevity and reduced spare parts wear.
  • Braided hoses front and rear.