QST ECU/TCU Software combo Golf MK7 GTI

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Our Bespoke range of ECU/TCU Software for the Low Output (Non R/S) variant of the EA888 GEN3 engine and DQ250/DQ380/DQ381 gearbox.

Stage 1 requires NO additional hardware changes to the car.

Stage 2 Requires a Minimum of a downpipe and full intake system, we also recommend a upgraded intercooler.

Stage 1: 315-320HP 500-515NM

Stage 2: 335-355HP 520-530NM 

Our bespoke range of TCU software (Gearbox Software) as found in our ECU/TCU packages now available separately. This Software is available for the DQ250, DQ380 and DQ381 Gearboxes. Found in the Golf R, TTS 8S, S3 8V, Golf GTI, Seat Leon Cupra, Golf 7.5R, Golf GTI 7.5R INC TCR.

Benefits of our software include:

-Faster improved shift speeds throughout driving modes.

-Faster acceleration with increased shift points.

-Increased Clutch pressures to suit ECU software upgrades.

-Improved Launch control strategy.

-Manual Auto Up/Down disabled.

-Reduced lag.

-Torque Limits raised.

ECU/TCU Software

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