RacingLine OEM+ PCM Power Control Module - EA888 Gen4 300-320

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Racingline OEM+ PCM Unit for:

Volkswagen Golf MK8R

Volkswagen MK8 GTI Clubsport

Volkswagen Arteon R

Volkswagen Tiguan R

Cupra Leon

Cupra Formentor

Audi S3 8Y

The Racignline PCM Module delivers gains of +40HP +50NM on the above models.

The latest generation of 2.0 TSI 'gen.4' MQB EVO cars cannot yet be tuned via the traditional methods. PCM is RacingLine's new tuning solution, developed exclusively for these cars such as Golf mk8 GTI, Golf mk8 R, Audi S3 8Y, Cupra Leon, Octavia VRS & more.

PCM stands for ‘Power Control Module’ and is RacingLine's way of bringing the new MQB EVO car to life with more power and torque.

Easily installed, and easily removed at any time without a trace.
Expect power increases of up to 40HP and 60Nm with supporting RacingLine hardware and 98RON Fuel.
Not only that, but it gives beautifully smooth and progressive power gains, right throughout the car's rev-range.

PCM works on a standalone PCB, which communicates with the factory ECU. Developed by Racing-Line’s in-house calibration team over the past 12 months, it allows the car to safely increase power and torque levels.
Because PCM is only developed for the 2.0 TSI MQB EVO vehicle, a really nice feature is the specific fitting kit just for these cars, so you can be assured of perfect neat fitment.

PCM has been designed with OE levels of quality in mind. As well as the PCM box with its beautiful billet case, a stunning carbon fibre bracket locates it perfectly on top of the battery which will look right at home in the engine bay.
The wiring loom is built to the perfect length for these cars. Finally a deactivation plug is included, should you ever choose to temporarily disconnect their PCM.

PCM has two different engine configurations for the EA888 gen.4 to select:
The lower output 245PS engine, or the higher output 300-320PS version.

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