BMW M2 Competition

Welcome our brand new BMW M2 Competition!

A first BMW purchase as a company, we felt that with the massive increase in BMW software and hardware upgrades we are selling that we would add a BMW of our own to the fleet. In September 2020 we picked up this brand new Sapphire Black M2 Competition. Being a June 2020 onwards build date car the ECU is currently locked. However this didn't stop us extracting more HP and TQ from this stunning car. First up after the Running In Service was to add the Racechip tuning box, this gave a verified increase of 81HP and 93NM of torque with no other hardware changes. The cars 100-200KMH time dropped from 9.47 down to a very impressive 7.64 seconds. We now stock and install these tuning boxes. We then added the Eventuri carbon intake and charge pipes which not only look stunning but make all the right noises!

Next up, being a dealer for Akrapovic we added the Titanium slip on system with valve control. This gives a really nice sporty exhaust tone without affecting the emissions. Being Titanium the quality is incredible, with a huge weight saving over the OE system.

Then it was on to sorting out the suspension, the stock M2C suspension is simply put awful for the British roads. There is no compliance and the ride is crashy and bangy, making it difficult to lay power down on the road. We added the KW V3 coilover kit and sorted out the geometry with a fast road setup and added a wider rear tyre. The car is now transformed, massively improved ride quality, incredible turn in and in general a much faster car through the bends.

Finally, we added a set of Vossen HF-5 wheels with Billet centre caps and Michelin PS4S tyres and some AutoID carbon fibre components to transform the look of the car.


Posted by Alex collins.