Brighton Speed Trials 2022 - TTR8

Back again for another year at the well known Brighton Speed Trials with our TTR8 with a few changes, Mike the Syvecs wizard finished tuning the car just a few days before the event with its new AMS Fuel kit and Dodson/Wavetrac fuelling upgrades. We finished off making 1393HP @ the crank on E98.

So the day came! First run we ran a 9.51 Straight off on low power but noticed we were having extreme traction issues with the car, I put this down to cold tyres. We ran again and the car just wheelspan through 1st-3rd. Back to the pits we established the factory AWD controller had failed on us and lost its coding. We cooled it off and re-coded it, got another run in but had issues launching then losing power to the front wheels again, so wasn't the best of times at 10.02, this put us back after being beaten by a heavily tuned GTR. We sat out of timed run 2 to get to work on the car.

Now for the shootout, we managed to place in this with our previous 10.02. We ran the car with a fix to the AWD controller at around 1250HP and ran a 8.99 @ 164.4MPH, this set us fastest of the day and shootout winner beating the 1000+HP GTR's 9.32. We have since been told 8.99 is the fastest ever road car to run at this event. What's even better is we then drove the car back home that evening, a true 8 second street car!

Thanks again to Mike for the ongoing support and tuning on the R8, the event organizers for another great day out! We also ran our Stage 2+ RS6 C8, I will post a separate article now on that, which ran flawlessly all day long!

Posted by Alex collins.