New RS6 C8 100-200KM/H Record!

Well.... we did it again, the fastest/quickest Audi RS6 C8!

We are now ready to officially release our Stage 3/3+ tuning programme for the Audi RS6/7 C8 with the 4.0TFSI EA825 engine alongside TTE1020 Hybrid Turbochargers, with TCU tuning to go alongside this. Expect gains of +337HP and +278NM on 99 Ron with WMI.

This tuning package essentially utilizes our popular and proven Stage 2+ Package with the addition of TTE1020 Hybrid turbos, 4 bar map sensor upgrades and larger Eventuri Turbo inlets. The results are 913HP and 1135NM of torque. This translates to a 4.74 100-200 KM/H time on Dragy which puts us to the top of the leaderboard with currently the worlds quickest RS6 C8.

RS6 C8 Dragy
Upgrade packages are of course available for existing Stage 1/2/2+ customers looking to get more from their RS6/7.

Find out more about our latest offerings with Jamie from Officially Gassed here: (1) THE WORLDS FASTEST C8 AUDI RS6.. 916BHP FAMILY WAGON - YouTube

Posted by Alex collins.

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